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Scrapbook Memories

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

-- Ferris Bueller

Hey Everyone!

Something I've come to learn is the importance of making memories and the value in investing money into experiences rather than just material objects. Some of my favourites moments spent with my friends are when we get to reminisce and look back over funny moments in time whether it be on holiday or while we try to pull all-nighters.

One of my biggest passions is music and a side effect of that is I love going to concerts. Over the past 7/8 years I've been really lucky to go to see a bunch of my favourite bands and artists and as a way of keeping track of my experiences I decided to keep a scrapbook. A lot of my favourite memories have occurred as a result of concerts in some way or form whether it be from spending all day queuing to have awkward moments meeting celebrities and even making friends outside venues!

It's so easy and such a creative way to display some of my favourite memories. I bought a plain brown scrapbook and used my own (very limited) art skills to personalise it. It helps that I'm a self confessed confetti fiend, every time there's a confetti canon during a show I'll be taking at least half home with me. Any other little momentos I find like train tickets or photos from the night are also a good thing to stick in and of course the actual concert tickets themselves. Over the past couple of years I've almost completely filled up my book so I thought I would share a couple of my favourite pages.

Making a scrapbook was so worthwhile and I would really recommend and encourage you all to have a go. You can create one for anything and everything! From concerts, travelling to your favourite photos, they're such a special way of keeping ahold of you memories. All you need is a book, some glue and something to stick in, so why not try it!?

Stay Creative and Happy Blogging!

With love from,

Mari x

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