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Nutella stuffed cookies

Hey Everyone!

I thought it would be fun to share one of my favourite recipes for Triple chocolate Nutella stuffed cookies. Who doesn't love melted Nutella?! The base cookie recipe was taken originally from Tanya Burrs's blog **which I will link below**.

Before even starting to make the cookie dough the first thing you'll want to do is spoon around 12 tablespoon sized dollops of Nutella onto a silicon mat or grease proof paper and stick it into the freezer for 2 hours just to make sure it's frozen.

Once you've let you Nutella chill for a couple hours then you can get started on your cookies. After you've prepared the dough you want to remove your frozen Nutella from the freezer and encase each one within each a cookie. You want to make sure the Nutella is completely hidden to stop it oozing out the cookie whilst it bakes.

Place your cookies in the oven for approximately 11 minutes at 200 degrees celsius. it is important to note that the cookies will still look underdone after the 11 minutes but they'll harden up once you leave them to cool down. This is definitely my most commonly used recipe as triple chocolate cookies are my absolute favourite.

The recipe is super simple and easy so why not give it a try?

Happy Baking!

with love from,

Mari x

**I couldn't find Tanya's original post but here's one I found from Lou Loves http://louloves01.blogspot.com/2015/08/tanya-burrs-triple-chocolate-cookies.html

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