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My Favourite Fragrances

Hey Everyone!

As I've been ransacking my room having a big old wardrobe clear out I thought it would be really fun to go through some of my perfume collection and share them with you!

Perfumes are definitely something I’ve grown a collection of since it seems to be the most common present I receive and I also have a slight addiction with collecting things, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. I find that perfumes are a really fun way to show off your personality and there’s always a different scent for every occasion to take you from day to night! Also I know it can sound kinda cringe but it's true that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Allocating certain smells to certain events is such a special way of remembering important moments of your life. Every time I smell Justin Bieber 'The Key' it instantly reminds me of when my friends and I went on a school trip to Rome. Before we ever left our hotel room I would spray each of us with the perfume and now we all commonly associate the smell with that holiday.

Speaking of celebrity fragrances, a lot of the time celebrity fragrances are looked down upon as being too gimmicky but I've found some of the scents are real hidden gems that are also a lot more affordable than designer fragrances. Some of my personal favourites are Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck', Ariana Grande 'Sweet like Candy' and Justin Bieber 'Someday' (always iconic).

A lot of the time high-end designer fragrances can be on the more pricey side and it can be really hard to justify the cost of such tiny bottles with huge price tags so I always find the best time to buy fragrances are when they go on sale and then stock up on a couple of my favourites. Especially during times like Boxing Day sales where you can score some really good discounts and a lot of time find really cute gift sets for cheaper than the individual bottle. That being said some of my favourite perfumes are a lot more affordable high street brands and most are as good, if not better than the designer equivalent.

A key staple in my collection is the Marc Jacobs Daisy range. They smell amazing, look amazing and there's so many to chose from. My all time favourite is the classic 'Daisy Eau so Fresh'. It's such a stunning bottle that it's so hard for me throw away my empties without feeling some pain. Of course the Daisy collection can be slightly pricey but it is 100% worth it in my opinion. The perfume is described as having:

top notes: raspberry and grapefruit

heart notes: wild rose and musk

base notes: warm plum and cedarwood.

I find the perfume to smell like a soft floral version of parma violet sweets. It's the perfect spring fragrance but that doesn't stop me wearing it all year round.

A more recent discovery for me is the Marc Jacobs ' Daisy Love Eau so Sweet' fragrance which has become my favourite purely for the nostalgia. The perfume is marketed as:

Top notes: White Raspberry, Bergamot and Crystallised Cloudberries

Heart notes: Daisy Tree Petals and Jasmin Milk

Base notes: Sugar Musk and White Iris Wood

To me personally, I find the perfume smells like really sweet Guava which is a really niche smell but reminds me of my Gran, she always had a bulk collection of guava juice. Again like most of the Daisy range, it's the perfect spring/summer fragrance especially if you're someone that prefers fruity and sweet scents.

My favourite every day fragrance is 'Babe Power Eau De Parfum' from Missguided. It's definitely a scent you'd think to associate with a thirteen year old girl but that works for me. It's surprisingly hard to describe (probably because it has so many different ingredients) but to me it smells like a really sweet vanilla and bubblegum-ish fragrance with a slight spice. On packaging alone it's definitely the coolest looking bottle. It's super sleek looking and it comes in rose gold which is an instant win in my book. And above everything else it's super affordable.

The official Fragrance is described as:

top notes: grapefruit zest, sour cherry, pink pepper, crisp apple, pineapple and rhubarb

heart notes: orange blossom, peony and jasmine

base notes: vanilla, candy floss, sensual musk, amber crystals

I've literally gone through like 3 different bottles of this perfume, its amazing! and it's one I always seem to be complimented on.

Like I mentioned earlier I do have a weak spot for pretty packaging and Chanel is one of my favourite designers so of course I would have to have the perfumes and put them out on display. Now both of these fragrances are huge splurges although one was gifted to me for my 20th by mum. I can honestly say I've hardly touched them primarily because of how expensive they were but also because the packaging and colour is so aesthetically pleasing that I don't want to ruin them. Of the two fragrances I own I definitely feel like Chanel 'Gabrielle Eau de Parfum' is my favourite. I find that it smells like a mix between roses and orange where as Chanel 'Chance Eau de Parfum' has more of a powdery sort of floral/jasmine scent. Both scents are amazing in their own right and are definitely perfumes that I save for a special occasion.

I'm always looking for new perfumes to add to my collection so feel free to comment below some of your favourite scents or some of your perfume suggestions! I'd love to hear from you🌸

Happy Blogging!

With love from,

Mari x

** disclaimer, all views above are my own and this post is not affiliated with any of the aforementioned brands or products mentioned.

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