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Introducing Me

Hi everyone!

I'm Mariyah, aka Mari, and I am a 21 year old Biomedical Science student. I live in Scotland and I love travelling, baking and all things Disney. Part of my resolution for the new year and the start of the decade was to be open to trying new things and to be generally more positive so I figured why not start a blog where I can talk about my experiences.

I originally came up with the concept of WithLoveFrom.Mari after a spontaneous trip to Disneyland Paris last August and thereafter chose to start an instagram featuring all things Disney, after all who doesn't love magic! After an instagram I figured the leap into a blog made sense; I'm by no means a professional blogger but I think it'll be fun to give it a try, you gotta shoot your shot right?!

As I mentioned I'm a student currently in her 3rd year of university and I've been so focused on studying that I haven't had a chance to do everything I've always wanted to, after all aren't these meant to be the best years of your life? whilst being so focused on university I ending up failing a module and so i currently find myself on a gap semester lasting until September. And while yes I am using these next months to find my bearings to be ready for next year, I figured why not also use these months to have fun! I mean I'm never again going to have 6 months of time completely to myself.

So with big ambitions and desire to share my content with the world, I'd like to welcome you to With Love From Mari and I hope you'll enjoy what you find.

Happy Blogging!

With Love From,

Mari x

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