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Be your BEST self at home

Hi Everyone!

It's so important to stay at home right now however I know how difficult it can be to stay motivated and productive so I thought it would be fun to share some of my tips and tricks to live your best life at home.

Beauty Sleep

Many of us will now be spending a lot of time working and studying from home but it's important to make the most of your time and get those essential 8 hours of sleep that most people miss out on. Getting those full 8 hours will make you feel refreshed and more energetic during the day as well as making you look better if, like me, you have a constant presence of dark circles under your eyes.

Tidying your room/declutter

More so now than usual I think it's really important to keep your room and living spaces tidy, especially if you're working from home. Even something as simple as making your bed in the mornings can declutter your mind and make the room more peaceful for you to begin your work. I personally find that having a messy room can impact my ability to focus and it's also a good way to keep yourself busy if you're bored being stuck at home.

Another way to keep yourself busy is to declutter your room or your wardrobe. Now is the perfect time to go through your clothes and make space for the new season. If you don't already I would highly recommend donating or selling your old clothes rather than throwing them in the bin where they would just end up as landfill. You also have plenty of time to shop your own wardrobe and try out different outfits from what you already own! why not even try DIYing your old clothes into something new.

Dress to impress

I'm absolutely guilty of waking up and spending my whole day dressed in my pyjamas however I find in order to motivate myself to try and get some work done the best thing to do is chose a nice outfit. Now I don't mean get dressed to the nine's or even five's but just changing into a nice loungewear set can get you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Ofcourse on the odd occasion a pyjama day is required but it is important not to make a habit of it to improve your productivity.

Now a huge positive to staying at home is not having to spend ages on doing my makeup everyday and letting my skin breathe naturally but from time to time as an act of self-care I feel like it does me some good to make an effort with my hair, for my own mental well being, seeing my hair in a birds nest piled on top of my head can be scarring.

Staying active

The temptation to laze around all day in front of the TV can be tempting but it is important to keep active and stay fit. I feel now is a better time than any to try and meet my fitness goals and it's so easy. If the thought of going to a public gym terrifies you why not use the time you have at home to get into a fitness routine. There a ton of online videos and apps to guide you through a whole range of different workouts so why not give it a go?

Eat healthy

On the same note of staying active, it is also important an keep an eye on what you're putting into your body. I find the boredom of staying home leaves me to eat for fun. I'm constantly finding something to munch on whether it be crisps or copious amounts of biscuits. It is so important to make sure you're looking after your body as now more so than ever it is important to keep your immune systems healthy. I know its hard to resist certain things, crisps are my weakness, but try and make the effort to make healthier choices, for example, instead of crisps why not some nuts or dried fruit and instead of sweets why not make a conscious effort to eat fruit instead. Now by no means am I saying that you should give up on these things but minimising the amount of junk food you intake could improve not only your energy levels but also make you look and feel better therefore improving your productivity.

Pamper yourself

it's always nice to show yourself some self care whether that be spending the time to paint your nails or do some nice skincare to really give yourself some time to just relax and appreciate the little things. I know being stuck at home can be really tiring but I would really recommend taking some time every day just to do something nice for yourself, it'll give you a mood boost and also gives you something to do, win-win.

Catch up with friends

One of the biggest struggles I've found about being isolated at home is missing my friends, especially cause i'm used to seeing them every single day. One of the best ways to overcome feeling lonely is to make the most of the opportunities and technology available and host online pub quizzes and Group FaceTime games. Increasingly over the past couple weeks online quizzes on Facebook and YouTube have become more readily available and they're so much fun! You could find a quiz for whatever topic interests you, I've seen a lot of Harry Potter and Disney quizzes floating around. And for the friends that you've lost touch with or don't speak to as often, why not use the time now to catch up! You have no excuse not too...

Make time for the things you enjoy

Finally, I know a lot of emphasis and stress is being placed on people to make the most of their time at home and to be really ambitious with their time but remember to still make time for the little things you enjoy! whether it be streaming TV shows or playing board games with your family, I promise making time for these thing will do your mental wellbeing a world of good. Now's really the time to appreciate the little things in life that give us joy. Life really is too short to waste.

Stay safe and Happy blogging!

With love from,

Mari x

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